Where to Find Great Collage Pieces

Traditionally, collage pieces come from magazines, newspapers, wrapping paper, tissue paper, envelopes, old books, or any other printed material that can be glued to your composition. While it is difficult to find the exact piece of collage paper that you might want, I find that having a nice see-through bin to keep all my papers in is the most helpful way of storing them. At first I tried to sort them by colour but that didn’t work because most were mainly multi-coloured pieces so I came up with the big bin idea and it works well for me. I think I bought mine at Walmart.

Secondly, you can buy collage paper. Try Etsy or Amazon. You will find dozens of collage paper sellers…the world at your fingertips via computer. We are spoiled rotten, as my grandmother would have said.

But, there is another really fun way to collect various collage pieces. Make them yourself! I make mine by brushing, stamping, stenciling or even simply smearing left over paint on light coloured tissue paper. White or any transparent tissue paper is fine. Collect them from gifts received at Christmas and birthdays or just drop into your local Dollar Store and pick some up. Also, as an artist, I am sure that there are times that you feel like you want to destroy a piece you have been working on. So there you are with something you dislike for selling or hanging. Think about ripping it up into pieces and stashing it in the bin. You might be surprised how many times you use old paintings!

Hint: I find that cutting the tissue paper into 12 inch squares or normal printing paper size before working on them makes them so much easier to create and later bin. I keep all the little bits in my little bitty bin that sits on my work table.

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