We have so many different types of glues at our fingertips these days. The ONLY way to ensure that you have the correct glue for your collage (or anything else you are making for that matter) is to TRY IT OUT. Experimentation has brought me to two good sources that I consistently use. They are:

  1. Elmer’s Craft Bond Repositionable glue stick
  2. Gel Medium (any brand). I prefer to use Golden brand but others would work just as well.

As with any glue, there are always cautions to be taken and that’s why experimentation is critical. Depending on the paper that you are using, each glue will interact with it differently. For instances, Elmer’s Craft Bond (purchased at Staples) is very handing and rubs on just like any other glue stick but is repositionable – for a second or two only – don’t think it can be lifted once it has been in contact with the paper for a few minutes. It will, if you are not careful, leave small lumps of glue that come off the side of the stick under your collage paper. If you see small lumps, get rid of them as you use the glue stick.

Gel Medium (gloss or matte) can be very messy to use. It must be brushed on by using your painting brushes or by palette knife and tends to curl the collage paper very, very quickly which makes it awkward to place exactly where you want it to go. It also being fluid tends to warp paper. This is the one I use when working with stiffer material such as cardboard or cardstock.

I have tried UHU glue also but was not impressed.

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