About Me

Artist Statement 2021

I am a mixed media storytelling artist and printer.  I create visual statements on the environment and world issues, roles of women in society, plus imaginary pieces of whimsy just for the fun of capturing my lighter side.  I am also a black bird/raven lover extraordinaire. 

In creating my abstract work I use various tools and techniques from thick, textural applications of acrylic paint, to dripping inks, cold waxes, graphite, and collected papers in my mixed media paintings. My original and carved and pulled prints are primarily realistic using black and white ink with a touch of colour.  In size, my pieces range from 5×7 inches to 18×24 inches.

The idea of making visual stories comes directly from my storytelling family and so in response, I use brushes, scissors, gouges – whatever is at hand  – in hopes of causing the viewer to stop and look; to pause and contemplate.  Visual art, along with the verbal or written word, is one of the ways humans pass information and connect with each other. It is the way we pass ideas to both young and old. It is why I create.

Unless I am doing a specific lino cut for printing, I never know what I will be creating until the moment I step back and see my subject reflected back at me.  As an intuitive artist, I begin with a primary layer of gesso, paint or papers and continuously build up a picture, layer by layer. It is at this magic point I begin to imagine the final touches that will refine and tweak my story into view.

Geographically, my work may be seen by appointment in my home in Duncan, B.C., Canada by contacting me at leeonvanisland@gmail.com


My work can also be seen under my name on Facebook, Instagram or on www.leesimmons.ca for acrylic mixed media paintings.